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Gujarati Matrimonial Grooms
Piyush Merchant(PA101512)

I am 31 years , 5ft.8in-172cm,
Hindu:Vaishnav, Karnataka


I am 32 years , 5ft.5in-165cm,
Hindu:Lohana, Gujarat


I am 31 years , 5ft.3in-160cm,
Hindu:Brahmin, Gujarat

Rita Vijay Barot(PA101590)

I am 29 years , 6ft.1in-185cm,
Hindu:Brahmbatt, Gujarat


I am 35 years , 5ft.8in-172cm,
Hindu:Vaishnav, Gujarat

Amit Bharat Bhai Chawda(PA101594)

I am 33 years , 5ft.9in-175cm,
Hindu:Gurjar, Chhattisgarh

Kirankumar Motisinh Raulji(PA101633)

I am 24 years , 5ft.5in-165cm,
Hindu:Rajput, Gujarat

Mahendra Patel(PA101645)

I am 50 years , 5ft.2in-157cm,
Hindu:Patel, Gujarat

Bharat Kumar Draval(PA101648)

I am 43 years , 6ft-182cm,
Hindu:Brahmin - Nagar, Gujarat

Bansilal Prajapati(PA101650)

I am 29 years , 5ft-152cm,
Hindu:Prajapati, Gujarat

Gujarati Matrimonial Brides
Vishakha Thakur(PA103898)

I am 28 years , 5ft.4in-162cm,
Hindu:Rajput, Gujarat

TARUNA jain(PA104126)

I am 29 years , 5ft.7in-170cm,
Hindu:Rajput, Rajasthan

Sangita patel(PA104302)

I am 41 years , 5ft.1in-155cm,
Hindu:Patel, Gujarat

Priyanka kumari(PA104320)

I am 27 years , 5ft.6in-167cm,
Hindu:Jat, Bihar

Dr. Amrita Singh(PA104459)

I am 29 years , 5ft.3in-160cm,
Hindu:Rajput, Gujarat


I am 29 years , 4ft.8in-142cm,
Hindu:Patel, Karnataka


I am 33 years , 5ft.3in-160cm,
Hindu:Sonar, Gujarat